At our upcoming book signature, the Book of Beirut team will announce a six-month plan to raise awareness on the importance of art therapy and creativity in the healing process of every Lebanese child, making our initial Beiruti artists an inspiration for their peers everywhere.

The Pom Pom Bosta will take the experience of the Book of Beirut to children across 6 major areas of Lebanon. Once a month, the Bosta will travel to an area, ensuring longevity and consistency in reaching out to all marginalized and struggling communities of kids and their parents everywhere in Lebanon.

The Book of Beirut Bosta, called “Pom Pom! The Artistic Drive” is a mobile art studio – aboard a van! – dedicated to awaken the artist within every child and drive change. The Pom Pom is a powerful creative tool:

  1. It is a cheerleading tool that boosts kids’ energy and lift their spirits through music and dance;
  2. It is an artistic tool that creates unique pieces of art, beautiful in all their imperfections;
  3. It is a crafts tool that exercises children’s creativity and foster creative thinking.
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