Who Am I?

Born and raised in war-torn Lebanon, I resemble my country – I am both a fighter and a dreamer. Growing up during the Lebanese civil war forced me to create a bubble of my own imagining how to escape the chaos that surrounded me.

In time, that same imagination shaped my future and my career, forging me into a designer, a visual communicator, a creative director, and an entrepreneur in the creative communication industry serving multinational companies across the Middle East & Gulf region. Above all, I became a Creativity Advocate and an activist for children.

My professional journey has taught me how Art and Creativity can be essential tools for self-development and broadening one’s mind with bold optimism.

My mission is to use Art and Creative Expression to help children understand and manage their emotions and express them freely. I want to see art and creativity mainstreamed within the educational system as a means of self-expression, healing, and growth.

Activating children’s creativity early on, by captivating their curiosity, igniting their intuition, and unleashing their imagination, empowers them to flush out the toxic stress of the challenges of a constantly changing world.

Creative expression doesn’t just promote healing – it is healing.

Roula Youssef

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